Giacometti – Bacon Basilea dal 29/04/2018 -al 02/09/2018

From April 29, 2018, the Fondation Beyeler is staging an exhibition devoted to Alberto Giacometti and Francis Bacon: two outstanding protagonists of modern art who were at once friends and rivals, and whose creative vision exerted a powerful influence that still persists today. This is the first-ever joint museum exhibition involving Giacometti and Bacon, illuminating the relationship between the two artistic personalities. Different as their art may at first appear, the dual presentation of their work reveals many striking similarities. The exhibition brings together well-known key works by both artists with other works that are rarely shown—including, in particular, a series of original plaster figures from Giacometti’s estate that have never been publicly displayed before, and four triptychs by Bacon. A multimedia room offers spectacular insights into the artists’ studios. The exhibition has been organized by the Fondation Beyeler in cooperation with the Fondation Giacometti, Paris.




The British painter Bacon and the Swiss sculptor Giacometti were introduced to one another in the early 1960s by a mutual friend, the painter Isabel Rawsthorne. By 1965, their friendship had grown close enough for Bacon to visit Giacometti at the Tate Gallery in London, where he was setting up a retrospective. This meeting is documented in a series of pictures taken by the English photographer Graham Keen, showing the two artists engaged in animated conversation. Over fifty years later, they meet again at the Fondation Beyeler, where their dual portrait, in the photograph by Graham Keen, stands at the start of the present exhibition.

The exhibition comprises 100 paintings and sculptures from major museums and private collections in Europe and the USA. It has been organized by the Fondation Beyeler in cooperation with the Fondation Giacometti, Paris, the administrator of the artist’s estate, which has made available most of the works by Giacometti presented here, some of which are rarely exhibited or have never been publicly displayed before. The exhibition is curated by Catherine Grenier, Michael Peppiatt and Ulf Küster.


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dal 29/04/2018 -al 02/09/2018

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