Klimt’s Magic Garden Vienna dal 07/02/2018 - al 22/04/2018


A Virtual Reality Experience by Frederick Baker An exhibition experiment in the MAK FORUM


With KLIMT’S MAGIC GARDEN: A Virtual Reality Experience by Frederick Baker, the MAK is launching an innovative fantastic virtual exhibition experiment to mark the 100th anniversary of Gustav Klimt’s death (6 February 2018). Using high-resolution digital photography, renowned filmmaker Frederick Baker has created a new work by restaging Klimt’s nine-part cartoons for the mosaic frieze in the Stoclet House dining room in Brussels (1910/1911). Baker’s new work opens up new perspectives on one of the MAK collection’s outstanding exhibits. He takes the audience into Klimt’s work, and then out, through the other side, into a realm of especially designed symbolic spaces.


In KLIMT’S MAGIC GARDEN— visitors wear an HTC virtual reality headset, to delve into a virtual garden landscape that they can explore at will. The experience celebrates Klimt’s designs by reconstituting them into a mountain landscape of moving clouds and light that is inspired by the Austrian Lake District (Salzkammergut), where Klimt spent his summers and drew much of his inspiration.



In the MAK FORUM, which is especially equipped for experimental exhibition and mediation formats, visitors can either explore the interactive 3-D landscape themselves or else opt to watch the “Director’s Cut,” in which Frederick Baker has recorded his own individual journey through KLIMT’S MAGIC GARDEN. Each headset’s virtual reality experience is transmitted onto synchronized screens for the enjoyment of other exhibition visitors.


Working with the 3D Graphic artist Markus Cermak at Leiss Postproduction in Vienna, Frederick Baker’s vision is to turn Gustav Klimt’s 2-D designs into totally new symbolic spaces and images that create an innovative interplay of two- and three- KLIMT’S MAGIC GARDEN: A Virtual Reality Experience by Frederick Baker Page 2 dimensionality. The multilayered structure of this virtual project evokes associations with a labyrinth. Baker has designed the user’s journey that metaphorically progresses like Klimt’s work from Expectation to Fulfillment, as a form of expanded cinema with a soundtrack by George Taylor. KLIMT’S MAGIC GARDEN is a contemporary reworking of the concept of the “total work of art,” which according to the philosopher Odo Marquard involves “eradicating the boundary between aesthetic construct and reality.”



Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna

DAL 07/02/2018 – AL 22/04/2018


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